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"Liquid Light"

from the sea -- marine phytoplankton

Phyto = "Light"                   Plankton = "Floating/Suspended"

What is Marine Phytoplankton?

Scientists at NASA theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years ago, the world was changed forever. The appearance of tiny organisms with the ability to convert sunlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids marked the beginning of life.

Marine Phytoplankton, the single-cell plants are the basis of all other life forms on planet earth, they are the 'vegetation' of the ocean. Marine Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to 90% of Earth's oxygen.

Marine Phytoplankton are the food utilized by the world's largest and longest living animals and fish. Blue whales, bowhead whales, baleen whales, gray whales, humpbacks, and right whales all eat plankton. These species live between 80 and 150 years old and maintain great strength and endurance throughout their lives. The largest fish, a plankton eating whale shark, lives for over 150 years, grows up to 14 meters long, weights up to 15 tons, and is sexually active until it dies.


Superior Nutritional Product

Many people take vitamins & minerals to maintain their health and vitality. Most commonly, these are in tablets, which are never even broken down in the digestive tract.  They come out the other end without providing the intended nutrition!

Even if the tablet does disintegrate, the nutrients in most such products are inferior synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals that are not well-used by the body.

A much more sensible way to deliver needed nutrients is in liquid form.  Natural nutrients consumed as a liquid will do the most good for the body.

The newest health breakthrough may be the oldest food on the planet.

Now a complete liquid nutrition product is available, named "Frequensea". It contains the primal food plankton, the marine algae that is at the base of the food chain.  Perhaps the original living organism on Earth, plankton feeds millions of sea animals from sardines to whales.

This is a vibrant, nutrient dense food loaded with proteins, enzymes, pigments (eg., carotenoids), vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and much more.  Here is a list of ingredients in this advanced product, Frequensea:


Live Food -- Not Pasteurized

  • Over 200 species of concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (prepared with a patent-pending process)


  • Aloe Vera (ancient wonder herb for many needs)


  • Bio-available organic Frankincense (super herb w/multiple benefits)


  • Astaxanthin (powerful antioxidant rich in carotenoids, extracted from marine micro-algae; 10 X more powerful than beta carotene; 100's of X more than Vitamin E)


  • Rosemary (strong antioxidant & natural preservative; helps memory, circulation, digestion, nerves, anti-aging)


  • Rose (emits highest helpful frequency of any plant)


  • Naturally balanced ionic sea trace minerals (ready for the body to use)


  • Morinda Citrifolia ("Noni") (full of antioxidants & corrective agents)


  • Nutmeg and ginger


  • Cranberry, blueberry & white grape juices, with twists of lime and orange


Most of the elements in this liquid food product are prepared with an exclusive, thorough, nutrient-protecting extraction method that leaves them in water soluble form for maximum absorption.

Frequensea is so nutritious that amazing health benefits can occur. Most of the ingredients have special health properties.  A variety of improvements are being reported among users.

This exciting complete liquid nutrition product enhances vitality, balances pH, and supports every cell and organ of the body.  It brings needed nutrients, enzymes, pigments and special supportive compounds rapidly to the cells, boosting energy in the short term and improving health substantially.

The concept of wellness, natural health and well-being has been growing for about 40 years. In that time many, many products have been introduced during the explosion in the natural health industry, often with a lot of excitement, sometimes more from the promotion than from reality.

Frequensea will take its place among the most important health products, as it is a great advancement in foundational nutrition.  Nutrients that every body must have are offered in the most natural digestible, absorbable and useable form.


This is BY FAR the superior "functional beverage".  Unlike all those cooked exotic juices (with hit or miss benefits for some), this is a live whole food (not pasteurized) with benefits for EVERYONE.


The developer of the process for the plankton was growing this marine algae for another purpose, when he was intuitively led to start eating it when he had a life-threatening disease.  He credits the plankton with saving his life.

Do not miss this opportunity to try this outstanding new breakthrough.

The potential importance of this for the better health of yourself and your loved ones is vast.


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This is a comprehensive powdered blend of high antioxidant organic greens (eg., dehydrated grass juices & edible algae), plus many other outstanding super foods. Check it out.




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