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This is an introduction to Natural Health NEWS, which is both an easy-to-read periodic "ezine" and an educational process.

My infrequent bulletins about cutting edge developments, will provide you important information beyond what appears in mainstream media.

Natural Health NEWS is "something different" as a means of communication and education. It is a voice for restoring natural health, enhancing common sense and personal growth, achieving success, increasing prosperity, improving society and "pursuing happiness".

The word "NEWS" is actually formed by the first letters of each of the four directions -- North, East, West & South. The thought is that NEWS is information that comes from and goes to every direction.

This image is ideal for communicating the multi-faceted idea of well-being. It will grow and expand from the pulse of the inflow and outflow of creative thoughts from and to all the participants in the total Natural Health Enterprises community.

The primary purpose of Natural Health NEWS and the community it serves is the exchange of good ideas for improving well-being for all of us.



Hi Jon, I have been meaning to tell you how great I think your e-newsletter is.

-- Jim Gattuso, video producer


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since 1975

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