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Negative Ion Hydrogen

Best Antioxidant And Needed By Everyone

copyright 2004-11 by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div., Wellness Educator & Author

Over the course of more than 50 years of research by leading scientists, including Nobel prize-winner and "the father of Fluid Dynamics", Dr. Henri Coanda, as well as eccentric genius Dr. Patrick Flanagan, and others; a discovery was confirmed that may bring restored health and long healthy life to millions.

Their work led to the development of what many experts believe to be among the most important health enhancement products ever.

These eminent researchers found that there are special rejuvenating qualities in the drinking water of certain areas of the world where people live extremely long and vigorous lives -- some as many as 150 years old and more.

It took a number of years of investigation to discover the factors that contributed to this phenomenon, and more years to develop techniques to duplicate these qualities for people all over the world to benefit.


Special Water

The water melting from glaciers in the high mountains tumbles down through mountain streams to these long-lived people. Studying the unique properties of the water in Hunza land north of Pakistan, the research team found that they arise from two substances present in the water.

Hunza water contains extremely small mineral colloids and substantial amounts of negatively-charged hydrogen, the latter perhaps absorbed by the glaciers from the sun. These elements and their special chemical properties cause the structure of the water molecules to be altered to a form that is more compatible with biological systems.

This water has a lower surface tension than normal, a measure of its ability to wet surfaces. This makes it a better carrier and a better penetrating agent, and thus the water performs its functions in the body much more effectively. This structured water will take nutrients into the body's cells and remove toxins from them very efficiently.

The life of the body is in its blood, and the feeding and elimination of wastes are the crucial activities in the health and performance of the cells.

Nobel prize-winner, Dr. Alexis Carrel, kept a chicken heart alive in a regularly cleaned, nutrient-rich solution for 34 years. He proved that cells simply need proper nutrition and to have wastes and pollutants removed to live indefinitely in their life-supporting fluid. Acting on this knowledge can extend your life!



The key components of the life-renewing Hunza water are tiny ionic mineral sub-colloids and negatively charged hydrogen. Advancements from these and other scientists have resulted in a whole new field of "small" science known as "nanotechnology". These tiny mineral particles are only 5 nanometers in diameter, 1/1600th the size of a red blood cell.

These nanominerals are unique, smooth geodesic spheres of silica, potassium and magnesium, and are 1/1000th the size of the common colloids. They are totally non-toxic and non-harmful, have a very large surface area with multiple charge sites, readily bond with both water and lipid soluble substances, and can easily enter and feed a cell.

Nanominerals serve as transporters for other nutrients in food or supplements, increasing delivery into the cell by a factor of three times or more. This is a major health advancement.

These nanominerals form clusters which effect water. They reduce surface tension in liquids. 

Added to (purified) water, or any fluid, the nanomineral clusters improve its structure, enhancing its performance as a wetting agent, penetrating agent and carrier. This increases the fluid content of cells, and the delivery of nutrients throughout the body and across cell membranes.

Drinking just a couple of glasses of "activated" water per day improves all bodily fluids, enhances the life of all cells, and makes everything "zippier".

It also facilitates the removal of wastes from the cells and the body. It improves nearly all of the biochemical processes that take place in the body, such as the action of enzymes.

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Negative-Ion Hydrogen

Negatively-ionized hydrogen is an even more important key discovery for health and longevity. Hydrogen has the smallest atom of all the chemical elements. Hydrogen is unique in that it can carry an extra electron which swirls around the atom forming a cloudy effect.

This negative form of the most abundant element in the known universe is naturally found in all bodily fluids, as well as in fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices. Exposure to light and heat, destroys it, and stress depletes it. Nearly everyone has a serious deficiency of negatively-charged hydrogen due to a lack of fresh ripe fruits and vegetables, and to high levels of stress in modern life.

Negative hydrogen has seven extremely important roles in the body's health:

1) It restores and maintains the important proper balance of acidity/alkalinity.

2) It enhances the body's electrical conductivity, the method of intercellular communication.

3) Negatively ionized hydrogen is the most successful antioxidant for counteracting the damaging free radicals that are the major contributors to degenerative disease and aging, 1000's per day bombarding each cell. Toxins are positively charged. An antioxidant molecule gives up an electron to the toxic radical molecule, thus stabilizing it. Normally, in the process the antioxidant becomes a free radical itself, although a weaker one.

Negative hydrogen gives up its extra electron without becoming an unstable harmful free radical, unlike all other antioxidants. Thus it quenches the health-destroying cascade of free radicals. Plus, each atom is so small that the number of electrons available per gram of material is vastly more than any other antioxidant.

4) Negative hydrogen establishes a biological terrain wherein harmful microbes, such as yeasts, bacteria, viruses and other parasites, do not remain. This terrain is unfavorable to cancer cells as well.

5) Hydrogen is essential in every chemical reaction that takes place in the body. Having a good supply enhances virtually all metabolic activities: enzymes; hormones; liver, heart and nerve functions, etc.

6) Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel prize recipient and discoverer of Vitamin C stated years ago, "Hydrogen is the fuel of life." The hydrogen carries oxygen into the cell where the oxygen burns the hydrogen to form ATP, the compound that all cells use for energy. So negative-ion hydrogen is a non-caloric source of cellular energy. The byproduct of this process is pure water.

7) This water assists the cells to be properly hydrated. Dehydrated cells, as are usual in most people, have dilapidated membranes much like a deflated ball. These cells are more likely to stick to each other, a common problem. The movement of nutrients & oxygen in and wastes out is impeded. Thus these cells do not function well, and die early.

The nano-scientists add negative hydrogen to dry powder of silica nanominerals, to form silica hydride, a food-grade nutrient. This compound is mixed with potassium and magnesium nanominerals, so that the negative hydrogen remains stable and will last until exposed to fluid or to light. Further, this delivers large quantities of the negative hydrogen to help a person's health substantially.

This product is named Microhydrin
. One capsule provides the equivalent in antioxidant capacity to a whole truckload of vitamin C or E, or 10,000 glasses of fresh orange juice!

Further, Microhydrin TM restructures the shape of water molecules, matching the make-up of Hunza water. It increases wetting of the high fat-containing cellular membranes, and helps carry nutrients and oxygen into the cell.

Drinking more of ordinary water which is less "wet", does not help much. The subcolloidal negative hydrogen nanominerals have a high beneficial charge on them known as "zeta potential". They regulate fluid balances inside and around all cells, and keep the cells from sticking together, a common health problem that prevents cells from functioning well.


The discovery of tiny subcolloidal minerals and a negative ion of hydrogen in the glacial water of the extremely long-lived Hunza people led to the determination that these are major longevity factors. The resulting research has produced a great blessing for health.

The reproduction of negatively-ionized hydrogen brings us the most powerful anitoxidant, a natural alkalizer, an anti-microbial agent, and with the subcolloids, a way to restore and maintain cellular fluid balance. Also, MicrohydrinTM is excellent for cleaning the teeth and strengthening gums.

The most valuable benefits of using the negative hydrogen subcolloidal minerals are improving health, repairing tissue, reducing pain, increasing energy and reversing aging. The cells and the body as a whole are restored to and kept in the healthiest possible state.

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Microhydrin PlusTM

Microhydrin PlusTM is a new broad-spectrum antioxidant designed to provide you with the ultimate protection against free radicals. By combining the most electron-rich antioxidant with eight other powerful, research-backed antioxidants, you have the most effective antioxidant supplement on the market.

Microhydrin PlusTM can help you maintain lower free radical levels for good health.


A New Defense Against Free Radicals

For years we have been spreading the word about the power of negative hydrogen. We have demonstrated through laboratory research that Microhydrin provides more electrons and more hydrogen than other antioxidants. Millions have experienced the profound effect this has had on their energy and endurance.

Meanwhile, research in the field of antioxidants has grown. New antioxidants are being discovered and research has shown that there are different types of free radicals that threaten our health - oil-based, water-based, direct and indirect. We selected eight different types of antioxidants to combine with electron-rich Microhydrin, as one unique blend. You once had a cannon to fight the war against free radicals. You now have an army.


Why This Defense Is Critical To Your Health

Free radicals are unstable compounds that have lost electrons in the process of oxidation during normal body functions, and have been consumed from oxidized compounds in food, water and air. Free radicals increase in the body during stress and exercise. They damage health as they steal electrons from vital cells, interfering with the cells ability to function normally. 

Our only defense in the war against free radicals are compounds called antioxidants. Research shows that a variety of antioxidants are needed to neutralize the different types of free radicals.


A Wide Defense Is Your Best Defense

Different antioxidants scavenge different free radicals. There are antioxidants classified as water-based and those classified as oil-based. It is important to consume both types because they target different free radicals.

For example, an oil-based free radical might attack the membrane of your cell because the cell wall is made up of fat. As you know, oil and water don't mix. So, in order to protect your cell against these types of free radicals, you need oil-based antioxidants.

On the other hand, there may be water-based free radicals in your bloodstream ready to attack your blood cells. You will need a water-based antioxidant.

There are also antioxidants that work directly and those that work indirectly. You need both.

Direct antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, neutralize free radicals. In this process, a direct antioxidant binds to a free radical, rendering it harmless and protecting cells from damage. Once the direct antioxidant reacts with a radical, the antioxidant is no longer available unless it receives a new electron and is recycled.

Microhydrin has been shown to recycle Vitamin C.

Indirect antioxidants work as catalysts. They do not neutralize free radicals directly, but rather boost the body's own antioxidant systems. This gives them a broad range of activity, cycling over and over again, that removes many free radicals.

This group of antioxidants stands ready to neutralize free radicals over a period of time. They continue to be effective even after the indirect antioxidants have left the body.


Your Antioxidant Army

Microhydrin is the most potent source of free-radical-fighting electrons available.

Alpha Lipoic Acid neutralizes oil-based and water-based free radicals.2 It has demonstrated particular antioxidant protection of the heart and vascular system.3 It increases glutathione levels, which is important for the detoxification of the liver.

N-Acetyl, L-Cysteine helps to break up mucus in the lungs and plays a protective role in the liver. It has been shown to protect the liver from acetaminophen toxicity, which is the number one cause of crisis calls to poison control centers in the U.S. It also helps to protect the kidneys and cardiovascular system. This valuable antioxidant is not found in our food supply.

Green Tea Extract helps to support the immune system, esophagus, intestines, skin, liver, and vital chromosomes.4

Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin) is very beneficial to the health of the liver.5 

Ascorbyl Palmitate is a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. Unlike water-soluble vitamin C, it can be stored in the cell membrane until needed. It enhances white blood cell function, interferon production and antibody immune response. It also enhances the formation of red blood cells.6

Niacinamide Ascorbate is a non-flush form of niacin that is necessary for the formation of sex hormones, cortisone, thyroid hormone, and insulin. It promotes youthful skin and increased energy.

Seleno L-Methionine is a bioavailable form of Selenium. It is synergistic with vitamin E and helps to support the cardiovascular system.7 It keeps the skin supple and elastic and is important for prostate health.

Quercitin is an antioxidant bioflavonoid that specifically protects pancreatic beta cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. It beneficially affects many enzymes.

All of these antioxidants have been studied for their numerous benefits to our health. You could spend a great deal taking each of these products individually, but now they have been added to Microhydrin in effective amounts with absolutely no increase in cost!

The most powerful antioxidant has become a broad-spectrum antioxidant - Microhydrin Plus.

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