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Jonathon Miller

the natural sage

natural health and wellness educator, psycho-societal analyst, philosopher

author, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur

Founder of Natural Health Enterprises


Jon Miller, who has developed this website and several others, is a nationally-known author of books on natural health, holistic wellness, natural wisdom and personal improvement, including:

~ Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health

~ Herbs and Iridology

~ The Battle in Your Body: Candida Yeast, Herpes and Other Parasites (soon to be available as an "eBook")

~ Everybody's Business: A Complete Manual for Success and Prosperity

~ ReallyWell -- Secrets Of Wellness Made Simple (eBook)

~ Cell Phone Harm (2008) (eBook)

~ Survive The Changes (2010-17) (ebook - periodically updated)

~ TICK Tricks (part 1): Control By Crisis, Deception and Technology (2008-17) (eBook - periodically updated)

~ TICK Tricks (part 2): "Psyence", Corporatism and Tyranny (2011-17) (eBook - periodically updated)

Jon has been an educator and consultant in natural health, personal growth and success since the 1970's. He has reached thousands of people through seminars, lectures, consultations, books, tapes, radio, television and the internet.

Jon earned a Bachelor of Arts (1969) with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts (1972) in religion with emphasis in psychology, especially the work of Carl Jung, and a Master of Divinity (1973) specialized in counseling, from Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut.

He was listed in the 1972 edition of Outstanding Young Men In America for his work with children and young adults in the inner city. He worked for a church that was part of a coalition of downtown churches in Hartford.

Natural health became important in his work as Jon studied yoga, relaxational breathing, iridology, kinesiology, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrition, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more.

Over the years, Jon has been a founder of numerous organizations, including a college fraternity chapter, a coffeehouse arts center, a children's program, an alternative church, a natural foods cooperative, a holistic health center, a community garden project, a publishing company, personal improvement seminars, several musical groups and theatrical productions, three health products companies, and several websites.

With work experiences from store owner, to working in the treasury finance department at a giant corporation, to financial planner, Jon has also served as an advisor on finances and business.

He is also a lecturer, philosopher, psycho-societal analyst, poet, and a singer/songwriter. Since the folk music era of the 1960's, Jon has entertained thousands with voice, guitar and harmonica, sharing his many original songs. 

He has penned a participatory educational musical play for children, titled The Town Of Goodness; as well as other musical projects in the works.

A native of Akron, Ohio, Jon is the father of three children, now successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle.

Jon has met and learned from many of the best-known and respected teachers and leaders in the fields of personal growth, arts, culture, natural health and success. He has been a popular guest on radio and television, and has spoken and performed music before many groups and organizations all around the country.

Since writing for several cultural publications in the 1970's, Jon has edited and published various newsletters: Wellness Notes (1981-85); LifeLines (co-editor 1993 to 1997), The SCOOP (a newsletter for Akron's Cooperative Market, 2001-2004), and ReallyWell NEWS, an e-newsletter. He has also written many articles for

Jon's commitment is to serving people with thorough, helpful information, natural wisdom and the best quality products at low prices that can help them improve their health and well being. He endeavors to provide the most efficient and friendly service possible.


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