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Calcium is the major mineral of the body. Called "the king of the minerals," calcium is basic to good health. Most are aware of calcium's role in bone density -- keeping strong bones and strong teeth -- and in preventing osteoporosis.

More recently, research has linked calcium deficiency to anxiety and susceptibility to stress, to aging and to degenerative diseases, such as allergies, heart disease, cancer and more.

Calcium is needed for every organ and cell to function. It is involved in most metabolic activities, and is essential for all the other minerals and nutrients to be utilized. Good calcium is crucial for a strong heart, calm nerves and restful sleep.

Calcium is necessary for the electrical charge of the heart beating. All muscles need it to move. DNA replication, a crucial part of body repair and youthfulness, depends on adequate calcium.

Calcium is an alkalizer. Perhaps the most important function of calcium is maintaining the proper pH of the body. The common diet and stress are both acidifying, leaving most people overly acid.

However, the calcium one consumes must be absorbable. To absorb calcium, it must be the right kind. Most calcium supplement products do not contain well absorbed calcium.

We have the best calcium products we have been able to find in over 40 years in the natural health field.


Calcium Information and Products

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for info on EZorb, the best absorbed calcium



for info on well-absorbed Nature's Sea Calcium

a natural food source calcium from the sea

(fine for those with normal calcium needs)



for info on Pearlcium, the best utilized calcium



to learn more about calcium and its functions


Important Note About Other Minerals

Calcium is not the only mineral your body needs.

Extra magnesium should usually be taken when extra calcium is, to keep the proper magnesium levels in the body's cells. 

CLICK HERE for more information on magnesium.

CLICK HERE to read more about minerals in general.

Really good calcium together with extra ionic magnesium, and superior ionic minerals and other nutrients, should gradually help your body be the strongest it can be.


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